Getting chlorine in my natural hair freaks me out and what I expected, happened! I took the leap and went swimming. Not only was I exposed to chlorine but I had previously blow dried and straightened my hair and also went swimming in salt water. Salt water has its benefits, but overexposure in your hair can cause extreme dryness. This was super scary as the last time I did that, I ruined my curl pattern. So keep reading if you want to find out how I revived my dry and brittle hair into juicy and bouncy curls.




Step 1: Combing and Sectioning the Hair

After gathering the products above, I part my hair and brush it out. My hair is extremely dry so I have to comb it thoroughly with a shower (wide-tooth) comb then a normal brush, ensuring it is fully detangled. I then plait the hair in their sections preparing for the wash.


My dry and damaged hair

Step 2: Shampooing

In the sections, I then get in the shower and wash my hair with warm water. I do this because the main purpose of shampoo is to clean the scalp. As my hair was dry, dandruff has developed which is really irritating. So I scrub my scalp with a shower brush to ensure that my scalp is fully exfoliated. Normally if I develop dandruff it means I am not producing enough oils and I am not moisturising frequently (which is true, I’ve been slacking :/). The chlorine and salt water has not helped as well, it made my hair extremely dry. The shampoo that has been working for me is the Motions shampoo. It leaves my hair healthy and clean without making it dry whilst washing my hair.

Squeezing shampoo

Step 3: Oiling

Now, this is my trick. As my hair and scalp are extremely dry, I take the time now to drench my hair in: Jamaican black castor oil (extra dark), tea tree oil, coconut oil and normal castor oil. This is so that the oils can sink into my scalp. During my hair journey, I have found that Jamaican black castor oil has worked wonders. I thought my hair cannot grow past a certain length. This oil has honestly helped out a lot. The smell is not the best but a little but does go a long way.

My hair sectioned and oiled

Step 4: Conditioning and Hair Mask

As the oil is spread over my hair, I drench my hair in Motions conditioner and my Creme of Nature Hair Masque. Both these products have left my hair super silky and smooth. I apply each product separately in sections so that every part is covered. Once everything is covered, I like to apply a small amount of Jamaican black castor oil on top, sealing everything in. Finally, I comb through with my shower comb lightly and wrap my hair in cling film and a carrier bag to secure the moisture.

My hair drenched in conditioner



Sleep with your hair wrapped up in cling film to deep condition. I find doing this every now and then really helps keep my hair super soft. In urgent times, this has come in handy. Considering how dry and limp my hair was, this method has always worked for me. Now all that is left is washing your hair with cold water and letting your hair dry and styling it to your desire!

I hope this has helped and showed how easy it is to revive your hair after serious damage! I’ve learned a lot about my hair and what products work best, so not everything may work for your hair type too. This is the method I use when my hair is in urgent need of some love and care. I do really recommend the shampoo and conditioner I use, they are linked in this blog. They were recommended to me and have not failed. Usually, I have to switch shampoo and conditioner quite frequently because they make my hair dry whilst my hair is wet weird right? I would love to try new shampoos, so let me know what you use!


(Thanks to my family for being my photographers x)

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