The long-awaited hair transitioning journey post!


I have always been the girl who cannot commit to anything, like literally anything. Whether it’s gym, diets, drinking water every day, you name it. But, one thing I am very proud of is my hair. Ever since I joined Uni, I decided (through the influence of my friends) that I should stop relaxing my hair because it was damaging it (plus my mum wasn’t with me anymore to do it). Also, I came across this picture when I was younger with my curly hair. It’s a bit blurry, but you get the image.

Once I saw this, I knew I had to do something, all my front hairs had broken off completely. Like they were FINISHED. I literally straightened my hair every day during Sixth form (a whole 2 years). So the first step was to stop that completely. This didn’t work out exactly because when I went out with my friends, I had to do something with my hair. I’m not a wig or weave type of person so that was my only option.

Every time I had washed my hair, I let it air dry so that I didn’t use heat (a very long process indeed). Slowly, my hair started curling after I had washed it.  September 2016 is when my hair journey started. There were times I really wanted to straighten it because I went through so many rough periods. My go-to hairstyle were my two braids which eventually had to be thrown out the door. After not using heat and using simple curling moisturisers, leave in conditioners and harmless shampoos, my hair slowly started revitalising.

Come 2017, my resolution was to quit using heat completely. And that is exactly what I did (1 year and 2 months strong with no heat). Around May 2017, this is what my hair looked like whilst wet after washing it.

From this, my hair only improved. Some days I would forget to oil it and sleeping with a scarf is a big myth (to this day). One thing I did learn from this is that when you start to see results, that’s the most motivating thing ever. I will make a post later on showing what products I have used and what products I love or hate. 

The next step was the most nerve wrecking. THE BIG CHOP! All my life, I have never had a haircut because my dad did not want me to cut my hair. So facing this step was difficult. I have never had short hair so I was nervous as I wouldn’t know how to style it. Because of this, I decided to let my curls grow as far as it could then in October 2017, I asked my friend to help me chop off the dead bits. The first picture is from July 2017, when my hair was finally defined and once it air dried, my hair stayed curly. The last pic is in October after my hair was snipped.

FINALLY, after all the money spent on oils, leave-in-conditioners and shampoos, my hair has been revived to its curly form. This is my hair texture now. A very long 1 year and 5 months. My next journey is to achieve length. My hair has currently grown out to its original length before I big chopped my straight ends. It only goes up from here!


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