Okay, so I’ve been slacking on looking after my hair and questioning why it hasn’t been growing. Through some research, I created a homemade protein mask for deep conditioning and it left my curls the most popping I have ever seen them. I tried to use items anyone can find at home and the most natural products I could find. So keep reading because this mask is super easy!



  • Mayonnaise
  • Honey
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Or any oil that works with your hair type)
  • 1 Egg



5 tablespoons of mayonnaiseMayonnaise:

 I use a lot of conditioner in my hair so 5 tablespoons were perfect for me. Mayonnaise is useful for a lot of things, including; treating dandruff, promoting hair growth, defines curly hair, calms frizzy hair, as well as leaving your hair shiny and smooth. The ingredients (egg yolk, vinegar and oils) work together to moisturise your hair. I thought the smell would be way worse considering I hate mayonnaise but it was more than bearable. I’m sure that in order to see the benefits, this has to be a regular thing so I will update soon x





2 tablespoons of honey


Next, I added 2 tablespoons of honey. I’m also not a big fan of honey but I can manage the smell. The main reason I added honey was because it is said to help reduce breakage which is a cause for slow hair growth. Honey is also filled with nutrients and antioxidants which encourage hair growth and who wouldn’t want that?






1 and a half tablespoons of JBCO

Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO):

So, regularly I use Jamaican black castor oil for my hair but whatever oil you use or if you want to add any more, feel free. I used whatever was on hand to show how easy this mask is. I added about 1 tablespoon and a half to the mixture. The main purpose is to moisturise hair, promote hair growth, treat a dry and itchy scalp whilst improving your hair strength. JBCO has worked on many occasions, hence why I stick with it. The smell is not always the best but I love that my hair has grown so much with it. If your hair cannot handle quite thick products I wouldn’t recommend this, a lighter oil might work better like argan oil or jojoba oil.

(read my natural hair journey post, JBCO was definitely the key ingredient to reviving my hair)



1 whole eggEgg:

I then added one whole egg into the mixture. Eggs are filled with protein, fatty acids and vitamins which all contribute to hair growth! The protein is mainly from the egg whites but is also present in the yolk, so the whole egg is perfect. Eggs also add moisture, treats dandruff, eliminates frizz and makes your hair shinier.







Go ahead and use your favourite hair shampoo with lukewarm water to open up your cuticles and prepare your hair for the mask to penetrate your scalp and hair follicles. Obviously, we want to apply the mask on clean hair, but if you feel you can skip this step then go ahead and just sprits some water onto your hair and scalp.


Apply the hair mask:

Whisk all the products together and apply your homemade mask and your favourite deep conditioner.

protein mask whisked close up of hair deep conditioner used half of my hair with the mask


Conditioning Time!

And now wrap your hair in your desired method. If I do not have a foil heat cap available, I wrap my hair in cling film and a towel to keep the heat trapped and activate all the products in my hair. I leave the products to sink in for over an hour whilst I’m doing things around the house. When washing your hair, remember to use cold water as it locks all the products in as well as not cooking the egg in your hair! (That would be tricky to remove).

I saw an immediate difference in my hair and loved this method. I cannot wait to experiment with the products I use and update you guys on how well it has been working. Let me know if you try this out x

full picture of my hair heat lock conditioning cap


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