Welcome to my first post of 2019! Since it is still Veganuary, you should visit the Avobar. So, I wasn’t participating in Veganuary, this restaurant qualifies for vegans and those who love avocados. They also serve some non vegan/vegetarian options too for my fellow meat lovers. If you’re the kind to save ‘instagramable’ food places on Instagram, then Avobar will not disappoint.

I first came into contact with this restaurant through Instagram, then on ‘Made in Chelsea’ and had to visit. The Avobar is located in Covent Garden (perfect location) and serve food throughout the day. If you already guessed it from the name, the restaurant is centred around avocados, so I would definitely recommend if you are an avocado lover like me. But also, if you’re not that huge on avocados, I would suggest giving it a shot because I couldn’t believe how lovely their food was. If you knew the struggles to find a perfectly ripe avocado or the ripening it at home, you would also appreciate Avobar! We were so overwhelmed with the menu but we finally decided.

What I ordered:

Okay, so I ordered the ‘Avobar Cobb Salad’ which is served with prawns and bacon along with the homemade ‘Guacamole and chips’ (obviously with a latte on the side). If you’re a fan of salads, I would recommend this because the avocado just put the icing on the top of the cake. It was so smooth and creamy without being sour or hard. It complimented the salad perfectly. I appreciate food art as well. Then onto the guac and chips. On a regular day, I don’t really like mixing my avocado with anything, I like it plain, but they seasoned it so well, with a hint of chilli in the back (nothing spicy that would make you put it down). I devoured these with my girl, I honestly would go back to just order these to go. I have  never tasted avocado so pure!Guacamole and Chips - Avobar

Avobar Cobb Salad and Latte - Avobar


Normally in my latte, I either order it with caramel sauce or flavouring. The only option they had in this restaurant was agave. This was my first time trying and no joke, I went to Whole Foods and brought a bottle myself. I think I have found the perfect supplement for sugar and I’m proud of myself for trying it. Even if you do not go to Avobar, I would totally recommend trying agave out and using it instead of sugar. Also, for my vegan babies, agave comes from the blue agave plant, making it a perfect supplement for honey too.

Vegan Option:

Now onto the vegan side. So my friend who came along with me has been a proud vegan for over a year now was also amazed by how good everything tasted. She ordered the ‘Smashed Chilli Avo’ which is sweet potato ‘toast’ with homemade ‘coconut labneh’.  This was under the pile of green veg below. We were both concerned with the lump of white looking cheese on the side, which she tasted and finished because it was a coconut yoghurt, perfect for vegans! Along with this, she ordered their ‘Acai bowl’. I didn’t order this because I’m not a huge fan of coconut. I did try a bit and it was really tasty! The most overpowering taste was banana. I’m not crazy big on adding a heap of banana in my food because it is overpowering, but their Acai bowl was rather refreshing rather than strong and unbearable.

Acai bowl and Smashed Chilli Avo - Avobar

Finally, we also both got to try something new… Kombucha! After asking the waitress what she recommended, we went for the cherry and plum flavour because ginger seemed like a bit of an overpowering ingredient for something we were trying for the first time. We had both heard about this all over the internet and wanted to try it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as great as we expected, it was quite bland and very strange to describe. If you don’t like sparkling water, I wouldn’t recommend ordering this if you visit. As soon as you sip it, the smell of cherry and plum is super light and not strong enough to flavour the whole drink. But, I mean, we both said that we would drink it for the health benefits that it offers.

Whole Meal - Avobar

My opinion:

Overall, I have honestly never tasted avocado made so well and I am sure to make all my friends who are not so keen on avocado. I would say it is a little on the pricier side, which is expected because of its location and avocados are expensive! I would definitely visit again!

Overall Rating: 4/5 | Service: 4/5 | Price: £££

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(Shoutout to my girl Divine for coming with me and helping me take these pictures x  Instagram@divinel_  Twitter – @DivineL_)



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