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July Wallpaper (FREE DOWNLOAD)!

Happy July! This month’s FREE wallpaper was inspired by a quote that spoke to my soul. One thing I really struggle with is discipline. I feel as though whenever I set goals, it is very easy to look for excuses,

Monthly Wallpapers (Free Download)

Hey guys! So it’s been a very long while since I have last blogged but we’re back and I have a lot planned for where I would love to take my blog. So if you haven’t already guessed from the

Avobar | London (Vegan Friendly)

Welcome to my first post of 2019! Since it is still Veganuary, you should visit the Avobar. So, I wasn’t participating in Veganuary, this restaurant qualifies for vegans and those who love avocados. They also serve some non vegan/vegetarian options

DIY Cheap and Easy Protein Hair Mask!

Okay, so I’ve been slacking on looking after my hair and questioning why it hasn’t been growing. Through some research, I created a homemade protein mask for deep conditioning and it left my curls the most popping I have ever

Chit Chat: Is University worth it?

  Before I begin, welcome to my ‘chit chat’ blog posts about whether or not University is worth it. Not only do I love taking photographs and all things beauty. I love to discuss and write about things that bother/concern

Where To Eat in East London

I love food! I mean, who doesn’t? I love finding new places and trying different foods from different cultures. I’ve gathered a few places in East London that are my go-to places for food. If you ever find yourself in

Baker St Cakes – Leicester

Rating: 4/5 | Service: 5/5 | Price: ££ It is time for small businesses to shine! One of my favourite nibbles whilst sipping on coffee or treating myself to a deserved snack has to either be a cupcake or macaron. Once

March Beauty Faves

  As the end of March is approaching, I would love to share my beauty faves of this month. All these products have worked wonders for me and are all affordable. The essentials have made a statement in my makeup

Natural Hair Journey

The long-awaited hair transitioning journey post!   I have always been the girl who cannot commit to anything, like literally anything. Whether it’s gym, diets, drinking water every day, you name it. But, one thing I am very proud of